Online Classes

During the Covid-19 outbreak our classes have moved online. Our unique teaching methodology and structured curriculum ensures our students receive the highest standard of interactive, confidence building drama for one hour each week.

  • Our classes are INTERACTIVE and students participate with each other and the class teacher as they would in the classroom.
  • Our teachers use PRAISE and ENCOURAGEMENT to build confidence and self-esteem in all students.
  • The online lessons provide a platform for SOCIAL INTERACTION and the development of communication skills.
  • With emphasis on vocal delivery techniques, we enable students to develop their speech and LANGUAGE SKILLS through fun drama-based vocal exercises.
  • Our structured curriculum extends students’ presentation and COMMUNICATION SKILLS by encouraging them to perform within their own location as well as interact with the member of the class on screen.
  • The use of props and costumes from the home enables students to extend their creative and lateral thinking skills through creative ROLE PLAY and imaginative activities.

Extra support and guidance is offered to students adapting to the online class format and one-to-one introductions to the online class can also be provided to help students adjust.