Make It Your Business To Teach Drama

The curriculum is guaranteed to develop children’s speech, language and communication skills!

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The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy provides an opportunity for energetic and enthusiastic teachers to run a business which allows contact with children, school holidays
free and an attractive income.

The Academy offers a self-development programme for children designed to build their confidence and self-esteem through a carefully constructed drama programme. It can also provide a fun way to teach English as a foreign language!


Franchisees are fully trained in all aspects of the teaching, marketing and administration of our programme. Support includes pre and post launch training continuing throughout the first year of operation.

In subsequent years, regular visits by a director or senior member of staff will be made. Regular telephone contact is always maintained. Three times a year, Principals attend a training seminar, to cover relevant business matters and to workshop curriculum for the coming term. These days are also an opportunity for Principals to catch up with other Principals and exchange anecdotes and ideas.

Click to email us now with your enrolment enquiry

As a Principal within our organisation you will:

  • Be self employed
  • Work flexible hours – mostly to suit yourself
  • Work in school term time – leaving valuable time for yourself
  • Be part of an international network with a wealth of communication and support
  • Be provided with a structured drama curriculum which is constantly revised and updated
  • Receive comprehensive training and reassuring financial assistance
  • Enjoy an attractive income

You will have your own independent business. You will work from an offce at home and teach classes in your local area, in schools and in the local community. Your interest in and enthusiasm for drama is far more important than formal drama training. Principals outside the UK have found the unique Helen O’Grady programme an excellent way of encouraging English as a foreign language and so, very attractive to schools.

A great amount of time has been spent developing an exciting curriculum encompassing an extensive range of drama activities, designed to capture the imagination of children of all ages and to develop confident, articulate children, who desire to make a positive contribution to the community. Classes cover speech, movement, creative drama, language development and studio productions. They are great fun!

The Investment and Return

To become part of this highly successful organisation, you will be required to invest approximately £15,000 for a full sized branch. An interest free payment plan is available, with a minimum deposit of £3,000. This is an excellent cash fow business, with the bulk of the fees being collected at the commencement of each term. All territories are exclusive. With good teaching, smart administration and excellent marketing and promotion the possibilities are endless. A Principal can earn in excess of £30,000 per annum. The growth of your business is limited only by your creativity and imagination.

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