We are delighted to announce the launch of our first storybook created to showcase Helen O’Grady’s iconic and well-loved bear, Grady Bear! In the business of education, we all recognize the value books provide as a tool and means of support for our students, teachers and parents alike at Helen O’Grady. Storytelling, story reading and story sharing are a natural extension of the work done at Helen O’Grady. It is with this in mind that Grady Bear Adventures has been created with a series of customized story books in the pipeline to support the Helen O’Grady curriculum – centered around the Helen O’Grady themes and learning objectives to instill a life-long love for reading, learning and literacy in our readers. Readers of this first book will be able to read and practice aloud rhymes, vocabulary and sentence structure whilst also being introduced to Grady Bear and his friends.

For more information on how you can order your very own Grady Bear Adventures book, please contact your Helen O’Grady Principal directly or email [email protected]

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