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  1. The Franchisee is given the specialised knowledge and training needed to operate the Academy classes as a highly successful business.
  2. The Franchisee becomes an independent business person within the framework of the Franchise Agreement and can, by hard work and effort, maximise the high earning potential of the franchise territory.
  3. The Franchisee’s business commences with the benefit of a name, reputation and goodwill, already established in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South Africa, Malaysia, China, Korea, Singapore, India, USA, Cyprus, Malta, Canada, Kosovo, Bosnia, Japan, the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  4. The Franchisee can set up a lucrative and proven business, without the need to risk a substantial amount of capital in an untried venture.
  5. The Franchisee will have the full support of the Franchisor in establishing the business. This support will include:
    a.) Selection of studio locations;
    b.) Advertising and marketing;
    c.) Training of teachers;
    d.) Setting up of office and administrative procedures;
    e.) Training in telephone enrolment techniques.
  6. The Franchisee has access to the specialised, highly skilled knowledge and experience of the Franchisor’s head office organisation, whilst continuing in a self-employed capacity.
  7. The Franchisee has the benefit of the Franchisor’s trade name, as well as a highly developed, well documented and successful system.
  8. The Franchisee has the benefit of the Franchisor’s continuous research and development programmes, designed to improve and update all aspects of the Academy’s operations.
  9. Through the use of the Academy’s advertising programme and format, the Franchisee is assured of achieving maximum results.


The Franchisor promises to train the Franchisee in all aspects of the business prior to the opening of the Academy and to assist in the launch. After the Academy Franchise is opened, the Franchisor will provide a continuing training programme for the Franchisee together with support, advice, and ongoing curriculum material. This will be done by normal communication methods as well as personal visits by a Director or senior staff.

In return for these undertakings by the Franchisor, the Franchisee promises to operate the business, within the guidelines set down by the Franchisor. Adherence to these guidelines will guarantee that the quality and high standards of the Academy will be maintained, thus ensuring continued success.

Each Franchise will become the wholly-owned business of the Franchisee upon payment of a Franchise fee and royalty.

Click to email us now with your enrolment enquiry

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