How To Get Your Children Into The Fun!
Do you want your child to join the most popular drama academy in the world, to perform, learn to speak well, learn skills to help them upon graduating from school, and have great fun? If so you should act now! We guarantee your child will develop excellent social skills they will need in everyday life.


The Helen O’Grady Drama Academies located throughout the U.K. offer year round classes to ensure your children have ample opportunity to participate without conflicting with other extra-curricular activities. Below are common questions regarding class enrolment and information on how to get your children started on a path to higher self-confidence and lots of fun!

How Often Do Class Sessions Occur?

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academies throughout the U.K. offer three (3) terms each year, coinciding with local school term dates.

Can We Enrol During An Existing Term?

Yes! You can enrol any time during one of the twelve week sessions. New children are always welcome!

What Items Do Our Children Need In Order To Attend?

Nothing! There’s no need for books, paper, props or other materials. We provide what they need.

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