What Our Classes Do For Your Children

The aim of the Academy is to help young people develop:

EnthusiasmConfidenceSelf EsteemConversational AbilitySocial Skills
create curiositysee them growwatch them maturegrowth with interactioncreating friendships

These aims are achieved through a highly developed and unique drama programme.

Each lesson is carefully planned. Primary curriculum includes introductory activities, speech, verbal dynamics, creative movement, mimes to music, language development, structured improvisation, dialogue development, snippets, scene starters, mini-scripts, parent day presentations and end of year productions.

Kindy Drama and our Adult Programme are based on exactly the same principles and the curriculum is adapted to suit the age group. For pre-school children and adults there is no end of year production; however, they are given the opportunity to showcase some of the work to family and friends.

Above all, our classes are great fun!

All Principals and teachers have undergone extensive training in Helen O’Grady curriculum and teaching methods and, naturally, all are DBS checked. Principals visit classes regularly, monitoring children’s development and providing ongoing support for the teacher. Each lesson stimulates students to be fully involved and motivated.

All students attend a one hour lesson, each week of the school year. With the introduction in 2009 of pre-school Kindy Drama and a programme written for adults, children may now join classes at 3 years old and stay until adulthood and never repeat a lesson.

Classes are held throughout the week in different locations, please visit Find A Location for local contact details.

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This is the perfect opportunity to get your children on the path to fun, growth and self-confidence. There is a Helen O’Grady Drama Academy near you. Let us help you find the right choice!

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